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Nate Eland has been my coach for about 18 months.  I would dare to call that 18 months transformational for me both personally and professionally. I don't write that lightly, in that I've had 25 years of business practice and been engaged in professional and personal growth work for most of that time. Nate's work centers a lot around the use of the Harrison Assessment, which is not a tool that's necessarily proprietary to Nate alone as a coach. What is proprietary to Nate is his exceptional skill in using that tool to connect the dots for clients in terms of navigating opportunities and obstacles both personal and professional, by gaining an incredibly in depth sense of self and implementing amazing practical tools with the knowledge developed through Nate. I've learned more about myself in the last 18 months than I may have learned with similar efforts in the prior 20 years of personal growth. 


At this point, I've also engaged Nate with my team in an effort to take full advantage of his capabilities as a mentor, coach, and business collaborator.  His grasp of extremely advanced topics of both personal growth, but also team dynamics and leadership skill development, may be unparalleled. I say this as someone who's had at least seven or eight coaches over the years, many of whom are personally highly regarded and several of whom are nationally renowned.  After 18 months working with a coach, I frequently have come to a point where I think I've probably taken all I can get from them and I feel like it's time to move on or that I don't need a coach for a while and I want to work on what they've given me. To the contrary, after 18 months with Nate, I feel like I am just barely scratching the surface with a lot of what I can do with Nate and I am very eager to see what the future holds.



I have been working with Nathan since 2017 and can't say enough about the positive impacts he has had on our business. Nathan is extremely passionate about his coaching and gets to know your entire company and culture so that he can help you navigate the many challenges of running a small business. He is constantly pushing us to grow, exploring new ideas and revenue streams, while at the same time holding us and the team accountable to our action plans.


We have used Nathan's experience and vast knowledge to provide individualize coaching for numerous members of our team. He helped us realize the value of the Harrison Assessment and how learning more about yourself helps you become better at managing your team. This was instrumental in advancing the skills of our staff as well as making the right hires.


Nathan could see the future of Onondaga Physical Therapy and the growth we were looking for. He helped us expand our executive team so that we would be ready to take on the next phase of our growth. Our growth was planned and structured through a strategic planning process that he orchestrated with many members of our team. We continue to seek new challenges and lean on him for the proper guidance and direction. Nathan has become a invaluable member of our team... we couldn't have done it without him!



My business has served multiple local governments throughout New York State for over 40 years.  We have worked extremely hard to establish our presence and position as a leader in governmental accounting and consulting.  However, a few years ago I found myself working an unhealthy number of hours in an effort to make up for inefficiencies within the business, team and our strategy.  I knew there had to be a better way, and clearly, some things needed to change.  It was around this time that I met Nathan.

As I look back over the last four years, we have accomplished an incredible amount together.  We have raised our sights and narrowed our focus to become far more organized and innovative through Nathan’s leadership and strategy development, performance improvement, and culture transformation.  In addition, we have found a “True North” for the business.  Now every day our Team is laser-focused on driving the business toward our “True North.”

We implemented daily and weekly goals with metric tracking for each person, expanded product lines and services, and clarified the structure through performance expectations and coaching to induce individual ownership, accountability, and 4-Way organizational alignment, resulting in production increases, market growth, and continued improvement.

If you own a business, manage a team, or simply wish to increase your own performance, you need to work with Nathan.  Either in the short term or long term, his services are invaluable.



Bottom line, no one else was able to help me except Nathan.  Prior to working with him, I found myself struggling in a number of areas and it was really starting to get in the way of my performance.  

Currently, I'm with a company that has over 6,300 employees, and 13 manufacturing facilities across the world, and I am now in the Top 10% globally in sales with a territory that was a sub-par performer prior.  This all began to happen shortly after working with Nathan.  It's hard for me to communicate that, because when I think back as to where I am now, so much has changed.  My performance, my energy, my attitude, and my success -- it's all back!  


You can't put a price on what Nathan was able to help me with.



I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Nathan intensely over the past year. I had no idea that a consultant relationship would extend past my professional life and impact my overall well-being so significantly.  Working with Nathan has led to the following outcomes:

• Greater self-awareness in my interpersonal skills leading to improved relationships and greater team cohesion.
• Time management techniques allowing me to increase my productivity and efficiency.
• Communication and Conflict resolution strategies that have allowed me to find my voice in navigating difficult

   situations with my staff, our funders, and the general public.
• An overall sense of increased confidence in my abilities to exceed even my high expectations of myself.


Overall, Nathan has made a remarkable impact on my life and I truly feel that anyone who is as invested in the process as he is will stand to benefit from his coaching and strategic planning. I enthusiastically recommend Nathan’s services to any person willing to take on a journey of personal growth and commitment.



Initially when I hired Nathan, my expectation was to have someone help me to more fully develop as a leader.  In working with him, I quickly realized that his program was much more than just professional development. Nathan takes a holistic approach that connects your personal life, goals, and aspirations to your leadership style, skill set, and career. He challenges you to understand your “true north” in an effort to provide you greater perspective in all areas of your existence, and in the lives of those on your team.


The other area of which Nathan is able to guide you through to drive performance improvement is strategic planning. He offers a very interesting way of influencing you to think high level.  He may be worth his weight in gold for this alone!

I will continue to recommend Nathan to fellow employees, colleagues, and friends. I strongly believe that if you are willing to put the effort into working with Nathan, and rise to the challenge of his personalized program and coaching, your all-around wellbeing and leadership will strongly benefit. I can attest that mine certainly has.


I decided to engage with Nate at the advice of one of my associates with a sole focus to work on both my leadership and management skills. What a journey it has become, developing in so many more areas and ways unimagined!


Working with coaches in the past has always yielded limited results with attention around processes and procedures. With Nate, it has gone so much deeper to focus inward. To better understand and discover myself has been such an eye-opening experience. As individuals, we are always evolving and to see ourselves in an objective light, I am more self-aware of who I am then at any other point in my life.


I have seen tremendous growth both professionally and personally and would highly recommend Nate to any business owner looking to better themselves.



Based on some personal and professional hurdles I encountered over the past three years, I didn't feel I was realizing the potential within myself. I reached out to Nathan for a discussion to understand his methods and approaches and how he is able to restore the focus and confidence it takes for someone in my position to regain their footing. Looking back, it was well worth the investment in time, energy, and capital. 

Nathan will disrupt your manner of looking at yourself, at others and how people tend to view you. He often pushed me to overcome my tendencies to be comfortable and complacent with where I was. I needed to confront some of my fears of rejection and overcome my ability to get distracted by routine tasks. I am very thankful for the insight and guidance our one-on-one meetings generated.


I am thankful I took the first step and now see the changes in my approach, beliefs, and interactions with clients and prospects - it has paid dividends in just a few short months for me. I have a renewed passion for my field and vision for my future and career thanks to my association with Nathan Eland of Legends Leadership Concepts. 



We appreciate you and the professional services you provided over the past several months.  With your guidance, we have developed a better strategy for growth and sustainability.  With your direction, our team has been allowed to have focused time and the tools necessary to think through and better communicate our available plans, and how to make it all happen.

Another important factor for us has been in better defined staff roles and time management to where we can now pinpoint the immediate essentials and disregard the non-essentials. As a whole, we believe we are now a better prepared and managed ministry due to your instruction and guidance.

We plan to highly recommend you to others we know! We count it a privilege to have worked with you in this course of action and we’re looking into some areas where we can utilize your talents and gifts in the near future.



I have been working with Nathan and Legends Leadership Concepts for six months, and it has made a tremendous difference in the way I function and flow in both my personal and professional life. He was able to help me change my perspective on a number of issues related to my team, which resulted in an immediate surge in sales.

Nathan has helped me narrow my focus, increase my efficiency, and correct a major blind spot in my communication style. I cannot recommend Nathan’s services more highly. He is worth every penny!



Nathan has gone above and beyond empowering me to reach not only my career goals but my mental, physical, financial, and even spiritual ambitions as well. His encouragement for me to pursue my own wellbeing has in fact, impacted my life remarkably.

He has provided numerous tools and avenues for me to increase my effective leadership skills to meet daily challenges with positive outcomes for me, my team and our clients. Nathan’s program has helped drive performance and behavioral change allowing me to reach higher in my work and my life by accepting no excuses and nothing less than a true commitment to excellence.


Nathan made it his mission to help us achieve long term sustainability with a culture of positive accountability. Preaching

integrity and respect while offering skills training in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more, Nathan continues to be a powerful force for transformation. He is a champion of our Vision, Mission, and Values and an asset to our organization.



From our very first meeting with Nathan, his professionalism, experience, and wealth of knowledge overwhelmed us with confidence. His first objective was to create a detailed analysis of our core management team. Finding each of their strengths and weaknesses and building upon them. Aside from one-on-one meetings with management, we had ongoing group meetings that were always constructive and effective. These strategic meetings got everyone involved and pushed each of us to think outside of the box to achieve not only professional but personal growth as well.


Nathan held us personally accountable to assure effective change, and it was so worth it in the end. I looked forward to each session, knowing it was purposeful to the growth of my individual department and leading to a maturing growth of our company. I highly recommend without any reservations, Legends Leadership Concepts, to any company seeking growth, improved leadership, and to move into a maturing phase of professionalism. It has been the best financial investment in our company that I could ever support.



To this day, Nathan is one of the most positive and refreshing people I know, and have the privilege of speaking with regularly. Our conversations revolve around what really matters in the world, people, and how we can consistently be working towards being a better one of those. Better for our families, our staff, our friends, our peers, and for our communities.

It’s an honor to know Nathan, and with a deep sense of pride, I can even call him my friend now. He has drastically and positively altered my life, by instilling within me, the power to access a level of courage that I did not know I had. Nathan has been personally committed to seeing me excel, more so than anyone else whom I have ever met. For that, my gratefulness towards him will never cease.



I’ve known Nathan for several years and I trust referring him to my best clients, the advisors in my office, my family, and my own pursuit of personal and professional success.  His authentic and compassionate approach towards building a relationship, being a resource, and intrinsically wanting to see you become the best version of yourself is who he is as a person, and this is what makes him a great fit for what he does.

Nathan is a "true coach,” which is important to differentiate when looking for a “consultant” or “mentor.” You won’t know the difference until you meet him.



Nathan Eland with Legends Leadership Concepts, has been a wonderful asset to our agency and myself.  Our work with Nathan has helped us to become much stronger and more concrete, which has helped us to move more efficiently towards our collective vision for the agency and the clients we serve.

I have seen huge changes in confidence within the leadership abilities of all members of my management team. Nathan's coaching has also helped me refine my leadership style, clarify my personal and professional vision, and to strengthen my leadership effectiveness.



I’ve been working with Nathan for about 4 months now. He has really helped me create a better base for my business to stand on and a strategic plan to continue to build on it. He has opened my eyes to many more ideas for the business and helped push me forward. I highly recommend Nathan and his services to any business out there.



Immediately what strikes you about Nathan is that he is determined to help you get somewhere. Not only to a better place or a position in life, but something much more than that.  He is someone who helps you to take life’s obstacles, deconstruct them, and turn them into a ladder to be climbed rung by rung, one step at a time. He is deeply driven by helping others become their best selves. Nathan is doing what he was meant to do, and he will absolutely help you to become a better version of you.



Working with Nathan for the last 6 months has been a wonderful experience.  His coaching, guidance, and advice have been spot on, enabling me to achieve and exceed my previous goals.  He is passionate, extremely supportive and brings a unique set of skills and thinking. 


I am a better businesswoman because of him and grateful for his coaching.  He has taken me farther in my career than I could have ever imagined.



Over the course of a one year period of working together with Legends Leadership Concepts, both myself and my COO showed substantial, measured improvement within key areas of our targeted development plans.  Nathan takes a scientific, behavior oriented approach that incorporates an array of innovative tools and resources, powered by analytics, to enable sustainable change. His ability to cultivate a deep connection with each of us while providing practical interpretations of highly sophisticated performance data, and how to leverage this insight for sustainable developmental gains has offered us a truly unique and invaluable experience.

Additionally, having Nathan as part of our executive council was literally priceless.  His strategic advice was instrumental in reviving our company in a time where we were in a terrifying downward spiral.  



After only a few short sessions working with Nathan’s guidance, I have seen my productivity improve tremendously.  Not only has my performance improved, but my overall self-esteem has dramatically improved as well.

It has taken a great deal of trust on my part to share details with Nathan to fully allow him to showcase his expertise.  Now that I have, the results speak for themselves.  I am posting record monthly totals and have surpassed quarterly goals as well.


If you are looking to improve your overall self, utilizing Nathan is as close to a guarantee as I have seen.



Nathan Eland with Legends Leadership Concepts has helped our business to narrow our sights, omit non-essentials, remove distraction, and to become laser focused on driving the business forward. This has allowed us to take massive action in a few key areas, thereby doubling our revenue in just twelve months! We are now working with him on managing the growth.

As a business owner, having direct accountability, objective insight and unbiased feedback is extremely valuable.  I cannot recommend his services more highly.



Nathan is heaven sent.  He is able to key into what you need both personally and professionally to build a successful business.  He will challenge you and inspire you with a confidence that is never arrogant.  We worked together diligently for months planning out my entire

practice.  I highly recommend him!

I want you to know that you transformed my life.  I will be ever grateful for the generous time you spent with me.  It was truly a life-changing event.



Before participating in Nathan’s Executive Leadership program, I led as though “the sky was falling” at any moment. I was focused on problems, not solutions, I avoided conflict instead of communicating, I was in victim mode instead of taking ownership, and I spent too much time worrying about things outside of my control. Over the past several months my entire outlook and approach to leadership have changed. Not because there are fewer challenges in my day-to-day work, but because now I focus on utilizing the tools and training Nathan provided, and the opportunities these challenges present.

Also, I now choose to see the word “conflict” in a whole new light. I see these issues as an opportunity to enter into an authentic dialogue for more honest, open communication and understanding with my supervisors, peers, and staff.

At the start of this process, I was ready to leave the stresses of my current job and look for new employment. Now I feel as though my energy reserves have been refueled and that I have the ability to work towards the mission of this agency which I am so passionate about.

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