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Leadership Development


Leading and managing people and performance is a constant interplay of behavior patterns between individuals, and teams. Thus, others change only to the degree we change. One leverage of leadership development is to take the approach of, “How can I alter and change the way I see and respond to events and situations?  Would it be beneficial to look at this through another lens?  Am I being who I really want to be?" Leadership is no longer about solely seeking to learn how to influence and alter the way others behave.  Rather, it's about the individual and collective development and enlargement of all stakeholders.

We achieve this by starting first with Self-Leadership.


Self-Leadership is the foundation for personal and leadership development.  To understand ourselves effectively and make the kind of changes that will profoundly improve our personal performance and enrich the fulfillment in our lives, individuals need to look into a ‘behavioral mirror.’


Behavioral competencies are difficult to assess without some form of assessment that provides ACCURATE PREDICTION of performance. With such a predictive approach, one can do…


·      Self-Analysis:  Accurately look at personal tendencies and behavior patterns.

·      Self-Reflection:  What if I did this behavior differently?  Would it make a difference in my life and in the lives of others?  Would I gain

       improved results?  Would I have more personal fulfillment and satisfaction in my life?

·      Self-Management:  Altering the behavioral choices one makes to meet the conditions he or she faces.


Our behavior is like an iceberg, what is above the surface is what the individual and others both know about each other. However, the majority of our behavior ‘patterns’ are below the surface… scripts that are honed over the years… and unavailable for normal observation… and remain unknown to both parties. We need a method to look below the surface (to the root causes of the reactionary patterns of our own behavior) to do valid analysis, reflection, and self-management.


One human learning issue is clear… most people do not have the knowledge or insight to determine what they need to learn about themselves.  They have no behavior mirror to look into to begin the self-development and self-management process that leads to transformation and performance improvement.


With such knowledge and insight, training and development takes on a personal nature.  The “one size fits all” learning objectives become individualized for the participant.  Participants are worked with in a one-on-one and/or group environment with a focus on building their strengths and eliminating the behaviors that compromise those strengths, and these learning’s get transferred to the workplace due to the personal tie participants have to the material.

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