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Talent Management Systems




Talent Acquisition:  Attract Top Talent and Save 70%+ Admin Time

Harrison's Talent Acquisition solution enables you to hire the right talent - and do it quickly. Filter and rank the best candidates before you review resumes or interview. Quickly identify, interview, attract, and hire the best candidates using predictive analytics. Our award-winning recruitment technology pre-screens applicants for qualifications and job specific behavior providing actionable data for effective decisions.​


Develop Talent:  Target Individual Needs and Save Costs

Harrison provides powerful insights to develop individuals, teams, and organizational culture. These analytics are used by our customers globally to maximize their talent development budget.

For individuals this includes role placement, executive coaching, performance development, individual development plans, employee engagement, leadership capabilities, and behavioral competency development.

For organizational development, this includes a deep analysis of leadership capability, talent pipeline, succession planning, team development, organizational engagement, and talent retention.


Lead Talent:  Achieve Paradoxical Leadership Capability

Leaders are required to manage conflicting needs on a daily basis. Paradoxical Leadership methodology allows managers to understand this balancing act and expand their leadership capabilities to maximize organizational performance. Leaders gain the essential understanding of their behaviors and stress responses that can make or break the organization.

Paradox Technology™ accurately determines whether a person's strong behavioral traits are genuine strengths or costly derailers. This determination is a crucial consideration most traditional assessments fail to make.



Engage Talent:  Drive Employee Engagement and Increase Retention

Engaged employees are those who wholeheartedly give discretionary effort to help the company succeed. Create a culture where employees give their all using our range of engagement tools that measure and foster both group and individual engagement.

Traditional employee engagement surveys only measure group engagement issues, ignore the individual data that is crucial to engagement, and assumes only their managers are responsible for engagement.  This approach fails to achieve the potential to drive engagement because it ignores individual needs and assumes that engagement is achieved only as a result of good management practices. The Harrison engagement approach measures individual engagement as well as group engagement and is based on the assumption that engagement is a shared responsibility between the employee and the organization.



LEADERSHIP IMPACT SURVEY -- Measures Five Distinct Performance Management Elements

Today, the competitive advantage will go to those companies that attract good people, develop their talent, and retain their sustained high levels of performance. This cannot be accomplished with­out a gauge of the characteristics in the workplace that correlate with this objective. The Leadership Impact Survey™ is designed to efficiently survey two critical organizational performance areas:

  • Assessment by manager’s/supervisor’s direct reports regarding how appropriately and effectively they are managed on a daily basis.

  • Assessment of the current working environment of the organization from the employee’s perspective.


The areas most affected by the employee relation­ship with their manager/supervisor are:


  • Employee Performance

  • Discretionary Effort

  • Retention


Without valid feedback, managers/supervisors can, even with good intentions, behave in ways that have a negative influence on the individuals they manage. Measurement and tracking are critical ele­ments for ensuring a positive work environment.

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