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Strategic Planning


Statistically, business owners who have a high-quality strategic plan are 10x’s more likely to increase sales revenue, profits, and organizational performance year over year than are owners who lack a written plan. More than three-quarters of the business owners surveyed believe that a written and actionable strategic plan causes their business to perform at a much higher level, while increasing team member engagement.  Most business owners claim “sales revenue” as the business area most likely to benefit from the implementation of strategic planning.

Research shows that only 9% of small business owners have a strategic plan that they’d describe as “excellent.” Only 16% of business owners review and update their strategic plan at least once a month. And what’s incredible - is that over 22% of small businesses have no written plan at all.

If you want to grow your business, creating a detailed, measurable, and actionable plan is the place to start. By putting serious effort into your strategic planning process today, and focusing on your plan by keeping it up-to-date and relevant, gives you a continued competitive edge.  


Our proven Strategic Planning process is broken down into 4-half day workshops, with an optional fifth dedicated to an 8-Step Change Management Process.  We will facilitate and aid your team in the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan, that will include many of the initiatives already underway. This will become a visible, actionable roadmap and accountability tool, with performance measures for every level of the organization, thereby producing 4-Way organizational alignment.

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