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Performance Coaching


"The difference between what we do, and what we are capable of doing, would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.”  -Gandhi



Behavior based coaching offers an intimate lens, through which we clearly see the connection between ourselves and others, how we are perceived, who we presently are, and who we have the ability to become.  It is the discovery and creation of our best self.

Together we work on eliminating self-deception, rationalizations, bad habits, complacency, and assumptions -- the subtle things most people are not even aware of.  We consciously disengage autopilot and challenge negative patterns of limiting belief, thought, and behavior we all fall prey to, regardless of past successes.


We are here to serve you, and to help you push past the limits of what you believe to be possible. To ask the questions no one else will. To believe in you, to challenge you, and to help you evolve your paradigms. Together we will discover your blind spots and then override and/or create support for them, ultimately creating a very heightened sense of self and social awareness.

Through our unique and holistic approach, we help you to:

·      Push past the limits of what you believe to be possible

·      Ask the questions no one else will

·      Challenge yourself to evolve your paradigms and preconceptions

·      Reinvent yourself

·      Discover and correct your blind spots

·      Create a heightened sense of self and social awareness

·      Communicate more effectively

·      Do more with less

·      Simplify and focus on what truly matters

·      Produce better results

·      Achieve superior levels of personal and professional success

·      Find the elusive fulfillment factor

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