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Legends Leadership Concepts is dedicated to empowering and transforming purpose-driven business leaders within a multitude of industries. We help our clients achieve higher levels of success by developing an organization’s number one asset – people.  

At Legends, we utilize a proven approach that has been successfully implemented in over 90 different industries.  The concepts and processes we use have been applied to various businesses ranging from construction companies to professional service firms, and from small businesses and non-profit agencies to Fortune 500 corporations.  Our approach is so successful as it focuses intensely on leadership, individual and team development, performance improvement, strategy, and culture, so they in turn, improve all aspects of a business.  By better tapping into the potential of people, a company will benefit from greater utilization of their talents, resources and abilities.


As coaches, consultants, and thinking partners, we work with individuals and organizations who are devoted to creating value for every stakeholder while living and committing themselves to a powerful vision, mission and values - the foundations that make companies legendary and distinct from their competitors.  


We know what it takes to unleash passion, commitment, unity, and focused execution in the service of a compelling purpose and plan.  It is within this capacity that we help to unleash and draw on in our work with business leaders and organizations to reinvent themselves, to the point that it becomes a core competency and competitive advantage.  Together, we create flourishing cultures that live and breathe values, efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Nathan Eland

Professionally, I have over 20 years experience in the areas of sales, marketing, new product development, project management, manufacturing, and operations; as well as having held various management and leadership positions within multiple industries.

More importantly, I have four decades of collected knowledge, wisdom, and growth experience in areas that school could not provide, nor money could ever buy.  Hands-on, trial and error, bloodied and bruised, deep in the trenches kind of experience.  In that time, I have taken enormous risks and suffered deep losses.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes and had my fair share of seeming failures, yet I’ve learned and I’ve grown from each one of them.  These first-hand experiences have shaped and molded me, and they have hardened and softened me.  But my willingness to learn, grow, and evolve has resulted in several successes that I am quite proud of.  These experiences give me perspective, allowing me to connect quickly and deeply with others, and to share a hard-won expertise that they cannot teach you in business school.

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